7th May 2019


Paul Jumps for Charity!

Our AJC Maintenance Engineer, Paul Kimber, will be taking to the sky on 31st August 2019 and jump out of a plane to raise money for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Most people don’t realise the additional support and work that is required for children with ASD and Paul wants to bridge that gap. Paul would like to fund some specialised help, 1-2-1 training and support to enable children with ASD to face their fears and experience once in a lifetime opportunities like indoor skydiving.

Indoor sky dives are NOT cheap, and are fairly rushed through for the hour when you are there. The average time spent with an instructor in any given session is 2 minutes, and for children with ASD this is a big challenge as Paul found out recently when his 8 year old daughter Kaycie who has ASD and ADHD, tried indoor sky diving for the first time. Kaycie found absolutely everything painfully difficult and overwhelming when she took part. From the anticipation working up to the dive, to the little things we all take for granted such as having to change into the special suit for the flight. She struggled, and needed alot of additional support. There were mini meltdowns and there were huge meltdowns, lots and lots of tears and worry...... BUT she did it. An amazing achievement for Kaycie!

Paul will attempt to jump out of his own comfort zone by completing a real life sky dive (and not simulation), to show his daughter that neuro-typical adults struggle with new experiences and fears just as children with ASD can, and also most importantly, Paul will be raising money to enable other local ASD children to try out new experiences without the usual time constraints and large groups involved. Most of all Paul would like the families to enjoy an exceptional family day out, continue to break barriers and realise that anything’s possible.

This is something very close to Paul and his family's heart and he welcome's any support to help him reach his goal!

If you would like to donate towards this amazing cause please visit:


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