27th September 2018


Different Types of Carpentry Jobs

When it comes to working onsite, there are many different job roles that complete the final piece of the jigsaw during construction. AJC Carpentry works with the largest house builders in the UK, but the homes would not have been built to the highest of standards without its staff. In this article, we will be describing some of the different types of jobs involved when working onsite. 

Carpenters and Joiners 

Carpenters and Joiners are an integral part of the construction industry. They are highly skilled and committed to delivering their extraordinary craftsmanship to a project. The most common carpentry roles are first fix and second fix

First Fix Carpenters

A first fix carpenter works on the first stage of construction. This includes all of the work from the foundations until it’s ready for plastering. Some other jobs during this process includes wall and window framing, staircase installation, stud work and door installation to name a few. 

Second Fix Carpenters

A second fix carpenter starts all of the finishing work, which usually happens after the plastering jobs are done. 

Some of these jobs include: 

  • Internal Hardwood and Softwood Door installation
  • Fitting architraves to door linings
  • Fitting skirting boards and coving
  • Installing doorframe units such as hinges, glazing systems and other ironmongery
  • Fitting staircase components
  • Building low-level bathroom boxings.
  • Site Attendance
  • Health & Safety Reports
  • Monitoring of site materials and hire equipment.
  • Budgets and material costs
  • Snagging Reports  

Site Supervisor

The site supervisor has more of a Management role, reporting to the Construction Manager during the progress of the project. The main purpose of this role is to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standards along with a professional approach to site conduct. Daily reporting is also required such as:  

Construction Manager

The Construction Manager one of the most experienced out of everyone during a project. They work closely with Architects, Surveyors and Site Supervisors to ensure that the construction is completed safely, within an agreed timeframe and budget. Construction Managers should have strong communication and leadership skills while planning the overall building process of the project. 


This role is for those who feel that they have taken the wrong career path and want to take their skills to the next level in the Carpentry industry. AJC also support the CTP (ex Army) who want to take their learning to the next level. 

The scheme involves working onsite for 2 years with a trainer assessing the work to help earn the NVQ Level 2 Site Carpentry and Joinery qualification. 


As the demand for skilled Carpenters increases across the UK, Apprenticeships are becoming more of a familiar role on the construction site. 

AJC has a strong commitment to improving new talent, crafting skills and working with the very best by having an Apprenticeship scheme of their own. This includes working four days on-site and one day in the classroom with the intention of achieving the NVQ Level 2 Site Carpentry and Joinery qualification. 

Join our reserve list for future Carpentry work 

Working with most major house builders in the UK, we can offer jobs on a price work basis throughout the South East of England. If you are looking to take your career to the next step, we are always on the lookout for top class Carpenters and Supervisors.  

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